Corporate Physician

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Who we are: 

Fair Trade Outsourcing™ (FTO) is a fast-growing BPO company and fair trade outsourcing center that provides impact sourcing work for companies worldwide.

Our main office is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a global network of delivery centers in the Philippines, Mexico, and Ghana.

In the Philippines, we already have four centers with more than a hundred employees in each site.

We are a Fair Trade Outsourcing Center Company that delivers superior results for clients by valuing our agents, ensuring their safety, and improving their economic welfare.  

We seek to reduce global poverty and economic insecurity by creating sustainable middle-class employment, eventually growing a new generation of capital owners from wage earners. 


A Registered Physician with an active Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license shall focus on preventive and curative health programs that cover all FTO employees. The Company Physician is expected to focus on the implementation of health and wellness programs in the workplace. He is responsible for direct management of but not limited to work – related health diseases and concerns, employee medical assessment, and health counselling. This role shall function as an excellent expert in decision – making skills and communication in medical related concerns in consideration.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Directly report to the Human Resources Manager – Employee Relations and Compliance;

  • Directly supervising the Nurses of the company;

  • Reporting to work on-site for eight (8) hours a day, excluding the one (1) hour meal period, and five (5) days a week unless there are justifiable reasons or valid grounds to overtime to meet deadlines and others tasks assigned;

  • Responsible for the conducting of medical examinations, monthly, yearly, or, whenever practicable, daily and follow-up check-ups to employees with immediate concerns and evaluate symptoms to determine condition and secure the safety of their health and wellbeing;

  • Providing health counselling, medical advice, and other preventive actions over employee health concerns and spearhead the promotion of good health within the workplace; 

  • Providing of recommendations which are relevant to the employee’s medical condition and treatment plans, prescription of medications, dispense drugs, and other comprehensive instructions for administration;

  • Prescribing and interpreting of laboratory and other medical tests to gather or obtain more information concerning the employee’s possible underlying conditions which require immediate or further attention;

Corporate Responsibilities 

  • Lead by example as a role model for Fair Trade Outsourcing’s mission, vision, and Agents Bill of Rights (ABOR).

  • Initiate and drive the delivery of business and corporate plans for assigned areas of responsibility.

  • Take a proactive approach towards risk management, ensuring risks and issues are accurately identified, addressed, and reported and, where appropriate, escalated.

  • Be actively involved with managing individuals or teams through line management and/or matrix management arrangements as required, ensuring underperformance is managed, exemplary performance is reinforced, and adequate resourcing is planned to meet objectives.

  • Must be fully aware of and actively complying with Fair Trade Outsourcing’s policies and procedures relevant to your own responsibilities and to corporate policies and procedures including but not limited to equality, sustainability and the environment, health and safety and data protection.


  • Must have obtained his medical doctor degree in an accredited and reputable school with an allied health pre-medicine undergraduate course;

  • Must have an active Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) license;

  • Must possess at least two (2) years of clinical experience beyond the required residency in a hospital or as a Corporate/Company Physician in a business process outsourcing (BPO) industry;

  • Must be willing to work on a graveyard shift;

  • Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) certification is an advantage;

  • Experience leading an Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Committee is an advantage;

  • Must possess strong and excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills; 


Human Resources Manager – Employee Relations & Compliance


Vacation, Sick, Quarantine, and Bereavement leaves 

Mandated Benefits

Social Security System, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG, Shift differential, premium pay, 13th-month pay

Mandated Benefits

Service Incentive, Solo Parent, Paternity, Maternity, VAWC, Magna Carta


TAbove minimum wage salary, COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment), Financial Assistance (Catastrophic Fund), Referral Incentives

Company Benefits

Healthcare, dental, life insurance,  daily hospital income, and personal accident benefit

Impact Programs

English Proficiency Directed Training, Zero Interest Microloan for business
Zero Interest Motorcycle loan