Branch Manager

QL8 Corporation Mezzanine Floor Metro Lifestyle Complex, F. Torres Street corner Emilio Jacinto Ext., Poblacion District, Davao City, 8000, Philippines

Who we are: 

Fair Trade Outsourcing™ (FTO) is a fast-growing BPO company and fair trade outsourcing center that provides impact sourcing work for companies worldwide.

Our main office is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a global network of delivery centers in the Philippines, Mexico, and Ghana.

In the Philippines, we already have four centers with more than a hundred employees in each site.

We are a Fair Trade Outsourcing Center Company that delivers superior results for clients by valuing our agents, ensuring their safety, and improving their economic welfare.  

We seek to reduce global poverty and economic insecurity by creating sustainable middle-class employment, eventually growing a new generation of capital owners from wage earners. 

                                                      Key Responsibilities:Manage the branch facility ensuring that the needs of all delivery and administrative departments are met.

                                                      Develop effective contingency action plans and respond to emergencies in a timely and effective manner.
                                                      Oversee the daily operations of each department to ensure efficient work processes.
                                                      Identify operational deficiencies, and propose and implement improvement plans.
                                                      Identify and develop talent when recruiting and promoting for key roles within the organization.
                                                      Develop a sufficient level of authority to ensure company rules, processes, and procedures are observed.
                                                      Ensure all agreements with local partners are observed, including lease, insurance, transportation, and all vendors.
                                                      Ensure that the branch complies with all applicable government regulations and all renewal certificates.
                                                      Ensure the good functioning of the facilities and administration of the branch.
                                                      Lead branch team meetings and provide presentations to executives as needed.
                                                      Contribute to the assessment of clients' deliveries and identify and suggest sales opportunities to the executive.
                                                      Monitor the budget and funds allocated to branch expenses to ensure proper usage.
                                                      Locate areas for improvement and propose corrective actions that address challenges.
                                                      Contribute to knowledge sharing with other branches across the globe regarding effective practices.


                                                      Strong experience in the BPO industry or any related industry
                                                      Strong verbal and written communication skills, leadership, time management, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and customer service skills.
                                                      Bilingual in English, French, Spanish, or German is a plus.
                                                      Ability to work beyond a regular eight (8) hour shift and be reliable for any emergencies on a 24/7 basis.
                                                      Proficient computer literacy skills and high skill level with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Teams.With solid Leadership experience.
                                                      A bachelor’s degree in business administration, Management, Leadership, or any related field is preferred.