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Congratulations, you have been selected to participate in this ESL Pilot Project.

This is a project being conducted by the Learning and Development Team. The purpose of the launch of the ESL pilot project is to give our future learners a glimpse of the new route we have taken for our training programs; how the online learning platform will go, how our agents/learners will find it, and how they will adapt to it, and ensure that things will run smoothly and to uphold the standards that the Learning & Development team abides by. As the world rapidly evolves in this digital age, the Learning & Development team here at FTO seeks to grow and innovate as well. It is in being open to new learnings and innovating that we nourish our personal and professional growth. With all that said, I look forward to our harmonious cooperation, working together in up-leveling our agents as well as ourselves, and taking FTO to new heights.

Your participation in the said project is voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you decide not to participate in this project, you will not be penalized. 

We will do our best to keep your information confidential. All data is stored in our protected system. The results of this project will be used for study only and may be shared with Learning and Development representatives.

This project will start on September 26 and will end on November 04, 2022.

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